we make the game, you make it great


welcome to Team Madness Games!

Hello everyone! We are an indie videogame developer that also offers specialized services to the community.

We are currently making our way into the videogame industry so we would be grateful if you supported our work!

What we do

We focus on videogame development, but we also offer quality customized services looking for the satisfaction of our community.


Videogame Development

Playing videogames is our entertainment, making videogames, our passion.
Working on the best games for the best players is our everyday motivation.

2D/3D Art Comissions & Logos

We offer a wide range of art comissions, from 2D characters to 3D environments! We can also make logo and branding for your new business!

Custom Applications

Do you need or want a special application only for your needs? Do not worry! We can make it for you!

Web Development & Web Design with SEO

Do you want a professional, responsive page for your business or personal use? This is the right place! We also work with SEO in mind so you can have your page perfectly positioned.

3D Printing Services

Would you like a figure of your favourite character or a custom design in 3D? This is the right place!

Looking after our community

We care about all the members of our community and work hard to make all their wishes come true. Thank you for your support!

Contact us anytime!

Send a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

Recent projects

Here you can see our most recent projects and access the devlog to read the latest updates.

Unload Madness

A psychologic horror 2D platformer that deals with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression. It also means a GREAT challenge for the player. (And it´s free)


New updates coming soon!